Fund Rules
Learn more about the governance rules you can set for your pool
Governance Rules are the rules which dictate how your pool operates.
Since every pool is structured from a smart contract, it operates based on the respective governance rules that are provided to it.
A given pool's governance rules are set by its creator and are comprised of include:
  • Creator Fees: Fees set by the pool creator that they will receive on a given deposit and withdrawal
  • Allocation Rules: The respective assets and their allocation within the pool

Creator Fees

A given fund may have fees set by their creator for a given deposit and withdrawal to the pool. These fees are completely optional and are capped at 20% per each
The current options for these are:
  • Deposit Fees: A percentage of a deposit that will be distributed to the pool creator
  • Withdrawal Fees: A percentage of a withdrawal that will be distributed to the pool creator

Portfolio Allocation

Due to the current constraints of operating on a test network, the portfolio options are currently extremely limited.
A given pool's portfolio is set up and managed by the creator of the pool and describes the respective assets, and the percent of the pool will be comprised of.
The portfolio options currently include Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. A full list of them can be found here:
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