Balances & Performance

The OpenPool SDK offers the capability to access the real-time and historical enriched balances and performance data of a given wallet or contract’s tokens (ERC-20’s), NFTs, and DeFi staked positions

The calculations utilized within this endpoint are referenced in the glossary.

In order for these requests to be successful, any address included in a given request must first be registered.


  • getBalances

    • Summary: This method returns Current Token Balance, Cost and Performance data for one or more registered wallets, including Price, Balance, Value, Cost Basis, Realized P&L, and Unrealized P&L
  • getNFTBalances

    • Summary:This method returns Current NFT Balances, Cost, and Floor Price for one or multiple wallets
  • getProtocolBalances

    • Summary:This method returns the DeFi Protocol name, Liquidity Pool/DeFi Strategy Name, Token Balance staked/lent/used in DeFi activities, and DeFi Position (like LP tokens received). It also returns any Income Accrual earned over the 24 hour period immediately preceding the query.