Brand Logo Usage Guidelines

This page outlines when and how the OpenPool logo should be used in your product

Intro 👋

These guidelines cover our brand assets, including but not limited to:

  • The name “OpenPool” or “OpenPool Inc.”
  • The OpenPool brand logo (text, icon, and button)

When to Use OpenPool Brand Assets 👍

If you’re leveraging OpenPool APIs or OpenPool Data in your product, then you must give proper attribution to OpenPool using our brand attribution logo, which can be downloaded above.

  • Purpose:
    The brand attribution logo serves as a visual representation of our brand and helps give credit to our company for the relevant content, collaboration, or partnership.
  • Placement:
    The brand attribution logo should be placed in a location and manner that makes it clearly visible. Ensure it is easy to see without causing distraction or obstruction to your product content. Good places to put the brand attribution logo include, but aren’t limited to:
    • Next to or underneath the relevant location in the product where OpenPool APIs/Data is used or displayed.
    • On the product website’s footer or partners page.
  • Spacing:
    • Allow sufficient clear space around the brand attribution logo to maintain its visual integrity. Avoid any overlapping or crowding with other elements. The clear space should be at least equal to the height of the logo, and should be applied to at least 3 of the 4 surrounding sides of the logo.
  • Optional Linking & Functionality:
    • Optionally, the brand attribution logo can be made into a button that links to our official website, If you choose to do this, ensure the button is clickable and leads to the appropriate destination.

When NOT to Use OpenPool Brand Assets 👎

  • Don’t use our brand assets (or any derivative works) in a manner that competes or conflicts with OpenPool (for example, don’t start an API service called OpenWaters APIs).
  • Don’t use or remix any of our brand assets to imply an official relationship, partnership or other endorsement when there isn’t one.
  • Don’t use the name OpenPool in social media channels in a way that implies any official relationship to us. If you make a community group, Twitter account or other social media handle, do not imply that it is affiliated with OpenPool.
  • Don’t falsely claim or suggest any sort of official relationship, partnership or other endorsement in any way.
  • If in doubt, email us at [email protected]

Logo Guidelines 👀

Logo Basics

  • Typography and Text: Our brand typeface is Sora. There is no space in the OpenPool name.
  • Modifications: Avoid modifying brand assets manually. Instead, use the versions provided for you to download above.
  • Proportions: Always use the logo in the exact proportion provided.

Logo Colors

  • Blue is OpenPool’s brand color. We also like to use a blue gradient.

Logo on Background Colors

  • Make sure the brand attribution logo is always visible against the background.

Logo Restrictions ❌

  • Don’t remove the icon from the brand attribution logo.
  • Don’t remove the text from the brand attribution logo.
  • Don’t add a space between “Open” and “Pool”.
  • Don’t apply drop shadows or other distortions.
  • Do not skew or distort the dimensions of the brand attribution logo.
  • Do not change the typeface.
  • Do not change the icon or text color.
  • Do not rotate the brand attribution logo.

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