DeFi Balances

getDeFiBalances(params: WalletDeFiBalanceQuery)


This method returns the DeFi Protocol name, Liquidity Pool/DeFi Strategy Name, Token Balance staked/lent/used in DeFi activities, and DeFi Position (like LP tokens received). It also returns the Principal balance (conceptually similar to cost basis) for the position and the LP Token or Interest Accrual earned over the lifetime of the position. Use this endpoint to track DeFi activities and performance.

DeFi Strategy object taxonomy is as follows:

  • Strategy Name
  • Strategy Activity (Staking, Borrowing, etc)
  • Position Type is the type of position within the DeFi strategy:
    • Supplied (farming position)
    • Claimable (reward)
    • LP token (liquid staking token)
  • Currency - Accounting data can be calculated and shown in the currency of your choice using the currency parameter. Choose from US Dollar, ETH, MATIC, AVAX or xDAI.
  • Multiple Addresses: You may submit one or more wallet addresses in this query. For multiple wallet addresses, the response will return the DeFi data points outlined above by protocol and then by DeFi Strategy.
  • Is_Debt - Refers to whether the token position is borrowed or not.
  • Principal - Refers to the principal investment for the DeFi position (expressed in # of tokens)
  • Accrual - This refers to the LP token accrual, staking interest, lending interest or borrowing interest accrual (whichever is applicable to the specific DeFi position strategy)

OpenPool API Endpoint: GET:/wallet/defi_balance/


paramsWalletDeFiBalanceQueryQuery parametersNo
interface WalletDeFiBalanceQuery {
	currency?: "AVAX" | "ETH" | "MATIC" | "USD" | "XDAI";
	period?: "1YR" | "3M" | "D" | "M" | "MAX" | "W" | "YTD";
	wallet: string;


Interface: PaginatedProtocolBalanceList

    wallet?: string;
    timestamp: string;
    name?: string | null;
    category: string;
    address: string;
    protocol: ProtocolGeneric;
    token: Token;
    balance?: string;
    price?: string;
    value?: string;
    principal?: string;
    accrual?: string;
    claimable_rewards: Rewards;
    underlyings: Underlyings;
    currency?: string;