DeFi Balances

getProtocolBalances(params: WalletProtocolBalanceQuery)


This method returns the DeFi Protocol name, Liquidity Pool/DeFi Strategy Name, Token Balance staked/lent/used in DeFi activities, and DeFi Position (like LP tokens received). It also returns any Income Accrual earned over the 24 hour period immediately preceding the query.

  • OpenPool API Endpoint: GET:/wallet/protocol_balance/


paramsWalletProtocolBalanceQueryQuery parametersNo
interface WalletProtocolBalanceQuery {
	currency?: "AVAX" | "ETH" | "MATIC" | "USD" | "XDAI";
	period?: "1YR" | "3M" | "D" | "M" | "MAX" | "W" | "YTD";
	wallet: string;


	id?: string;
	wallet?: string;
	token: Token;
	balance?: string;
	price?: string;
	value?: string;
	strategy: Strategy;
	accrual: Accrual;
	blockchain: Blockchain;
	timestamp: string;
	name?: string | null;
	raw_token_symbol?: string | null;
	category?: string;
	protocol: string;