Get Accounting History

getAccountingHistory(params: WalletAccountingHistoryQuery)


Fetches wallet accounting history based on the given query and request parameters.

  • OpenPool API Endpoint: GET:/wallet/accounting_history/


paramsWalletAccountingHistoryQueryQuery parameters for the requestNo
	cost_method?: "FIFO" | "LIFO" | "WAC";
	currency?: "AVAX" | "ETH" | "MATIC" | "USD" | "XDAI";
	page?: number;
	wallet: string;


Interface: PaginatedAccountingHistoryList

	count?: number;
	next?: string | null;
	previous?: string | null;
	results?: [{
              id?: string;
              hash?: string;
              wallet?: string;
              timestamp?: string;
              token: {
                      id?: string;
                      asset: {
                              id?: string;
                              name: string;
                              symbol: string | null;
                              slug: string;
                      address: string;
                      decimals?: number | null;
                      blockchain: string;
              balance?: string;
              amount?: string;
              fee?: string;
              price?: string;
              cash_flow?: string;
              fee_cash_flow?: string;
              basis: [{
                        id?: string;
                        method?: string;
                        realized_cost?: string;
                        realized_total_basis?: string;
                        average_cost?: string;
                        realization?: string;
                        realization_details?: string;
                        realization_holding_periods?: string;
                        bal: string;
              currency?: string;
              tx: string;