Get Transactions

getTransactions(query: WalletTransactionListQuery)


This method returns the full transaction history for a single or multiple wallets/contracts since inception in a human-readable format.

  • OpenPool API Endpoint: GET:/wallet/transaction/


queryWalletTransactionListQueryQuery parameters for the requestNo
	counterparty_address?: string;
	counterparty_name?: string;
	page?: number;
	wallet: string;


Interface: PaginatedTransactionList

	count?: number;
	next?: string | null;
	previous?: string | null;
	results?: [ 
      id?: string;
      hash?: string;
      wallet?: string;
      timestamp?: string;
      block_number?: number;
      fee?: string;
      category?: string;
      function?: string;
      is_error?: boolean;
      counterparty?: string;
      blockchain: {
                    id?: string;
                    chain_id?: number | null;
                    name: string;
                    slug?: string | null;
                    symbol?: string | null;
                    image_url?: string | null;