Token Balances

getBalances(params: WalletBalanceQuery)


Get Current Token Balance, Cost, and Performance data for one or more registered wallets, including Price, Balance, Value, Cost Basis, Realized PnL, and Unrealized PnL. Use this endpoint for real-time pricing and Live or Historical P&L reporting for tokens

  • OpenPool API Endpoint: GET:/wallet/balance/


paramsWalletBalanceQueryQuery parametersNo
interface WalletBalanceQuery {
	cost_method?: "FIFO" | "LIFO" | "WAC";
	currency?: "AVAX" | "ETH" | "MATIC" | "USD" | "XDAI";
	period?: "1YR" | "3M" | "D" | "M" | "MAX" | "W" | "YTD";
	wallet: string;


	id?: string;
	wallet?: string;
	token: Token;
	balance?: string;
	price?: string;
	value?: string;
	average_cost?: string;
	unrealized_pnl?: string;
	total_realized_pnl?: string;
	currency?: string;
  cost_method: string;
	basis: CurrentBasis[];
	timestamp: string;