Get Function by Tx Hash

Access 1 Million+ Function Signature Tags for EVM DeFi event identification & attribution

getFunctionNameByTxHash(params: FunctionNameByTxHashQuery)


Allows you to query our database of 1 Million+ function signature tags with broad EVM DeFi coverage to quickly decode smart contract events. This can help provide invaluable context to blockchain activity, aiding in the identification of specific activities.

This is a premium SDK method. For access, please visit the Plans page on the OpenPool Developer Portal at to sign up (youโ€™ll need to create an account first).

  • OpenPool API Endpoint:ย GET:/metadata/function_name/chain/tx_hash


paramsFunctionNameByTxHashQueryQuery parametersYes
	chain: string;
	tx_hash: string;


	id: string;
	hex: string;
	name: string;